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BACK «, Italy’s leading Real Estate website wanted to transform one of its office rooms into the lecture hall of the new Real Estate Academy. With our interior design team and some of our special films, we worked on the walls, doors, ceiling and floor. In just a matter of hours we remodelled the whole room for an extremely competitive price.

In particular, we completely personalized the walls and doors, renewed the ceiling and changed the floor’s surface with our special films. Restyle

Thanks to our special films, the room can be renewed as many times as desired and with a considerably low time and economic cost.

Our Textures
Areas of use Hotels, restaurants, banks, offices, conference rooms, retail stores, shopping malls, homes
Surfaces Interior, exterior, 3D surfaces, floors, walls and ceilings
Patterns: Choose from over 700 patterns
Finishes Wood, metal, stone, marble, leather, carbon, weave fabric, lacquer, stucco
Thickness 215 μm + 10 μm
Warranty 12 years indoor – 5 years outdoor

The walls, windows and furniture were completely renewed:

  • In just a few hours (much less than other remodelling techniques)
  • Without interfering with employees’ work
  • Reduced costs by 70%
  • Producing NO noise, dust or dirt Restyle

Light and flexible films for covering up all kinds of furniture and surfaces. Restyle

The Gingerit team offers interior and exterior design solutions and installation.